GUFT Server

The GUFT server is used to accept file transfer requests initiated by the Bull GCOS mainframe UFT clients.

Bull mainframe UFT clients

GUFT file transfers can be initiated interactively by terminal users connected to your Bull mainframe, e.g. logged on to IOF on GCOS7 or to TSS on GCOS8. Unattended UFT transfers can be invoked from batch routines on your Bull mainframe system. The GUFT server on your Open System is started on-demand to send or receive the files as directed, and it can even redirect files to or from the local file system on the user’s workstation.

The GUFT server

Each time a file transfer is initiated by your mainframe your Host Links system will launch a GUFT server automatically to handle the transfer request.

There is no limitation to the number of file transfers that you can launch simultaneously; the only limitations are the hardware resources (typically the communication link) of your system.

The GUFT workstation application

An unattended Windows background application, GUFTws, can be installede on workstations. It works in cooperation with GUFT server to provide seamless file transfer between Bull mainframes and workstations. A special syntax is used with the Bull mainframe client to indicate that the target file is on a workstation, rather than on the platform where the GUFT server is running. There is no intermediate storage of the file on the server, the transfer is end-to-end with no delay as the file passes through the GUFT server.

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