Documentation for the current and previous releases of our products are available on-line or for download.

 Most files are in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format, if you don't have the Adobe Reader® you can download it here.

Glink for Windows™

See also manuals for previous releases.

Glink for Android™

Glink for iOS™

Glink for Java™

 See Host Links for installation of the Glink for Java server



Host Links™

  •  Gateways
    • Gproxy Load balancing and license sharing
    • SSL Secure Socket Layer
  •  Print and File transfer
    • Gspool Receiving mainframe print
    • Guft Bull Unified File transfer
    • Gsftp Secure FTP gateway
  •  Terminal emulators
    • G3270 Simulate a 3270 terminal on UNIX/Linux
    • G5250 Simulate a 5250 terminal on UNIX/Linux
    • Pthru UNIX/Linux gateway for VIP7800 terminals
    • Qsim Simulate a Bull DKU terminal on UNIX/Linux
    • V78sim Simulate a Bull VIP7800 terminal on UNIX/Linux
  •  Application Programmer's Interface
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