GlinkProxy Evaluation Request

GlinkProxy is a server application designed to provide persistent host connections for Glink clients running on Windows, Android, or iOS platforms where the connection from the client device is unreliable. This may be because the device enters sleep mode or goes out of Wi-Fi range. If the client connection to the proxy server is lost for some reason, the server will retain the connection to the host. This allows the client to reconnect to the server again and continue seamlessly from the point at which the connection was lost.

Before we can send you a GlinkProxy installation package you must supply the information requested below. This is for our own records only, and will not be supplied to others. We will use this information purely for follow up of your download, by us or by a distributor in your country.

Software, license information and instructions will be sent to the e-mail address you supply.

NB! If you give us an invalid e-mail address, we will be unable to deliver the license information.

If you have problems getting started, please contact us. If you give us your location, we can give you the e-mail address and contact information for a local distributor who can assist you.

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