GlinkWeb Download Request

GlinkWeb is an extension to the Glink product family that gives web users access to mainframe applications from their browser. There is no need for additional software on the client workstation. For many non-specialist users GlinkWeb can replace a terminal emulator.

Before you can download the GlinkWeb installation package you must supply the information requested below. This is for our own records only, and will not be supplied to others. We will use this information purely for follow up of your download, by us or by a distributor in your country.

You will need an activation key both to download and to activate GlinkWeb . The activation key together with the download instructions will be sent to the e-mail address you supply.

NB! If you give us an invalid e-mail address, we will be unable to deliver the license information.

If you have problems getting started, please contact us. If you give us your location, we can give you the e-mail address and contact information for a local distributor who can assist you.

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