Live demos

We have set up live demonstrations for some of our products so that you can get a feeling of the products without doing any installations.

The applications configured for the demonstration are some publicly accessible mainframe applications, such as our own TP8 application on System J in Phoenix in the USA. The mainframe applications are accessed using our Web to Host solutions (Gweb or GlinkWeb).

For more extensive testing of these and other products such as our popular Glink for Windows, download an evaluation version. To test one or more of our API’s you need to install an evaluation version of the product in question.

GlinkWeb is an exten­sion to the Glink pro­duct fam­ily that gives web users access to main­frame ap­pli­cations from their browsers, with­out the need for addi­tio­nal soft­ware on the client workstation.

Gweb makes mainframe applications developed using standard terminal interfaces accessible to large populations who do not have an appropriate emulator.

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