G&R is a solutions oriented company. Our wide range of software is not a set of disparate products, but a carefully planned set of solutions to the problems of integrating new platforms and new applications with legacy applications and networks.

The G&R product range is an integrated set of solutions to the various scenarios that arise when you develop new applications on new platforms but need access to the information stored in your legacy applications.

From your most basic need for replacing terminals with a terminal emulator, up to your most ambitious projects for integrating your legacy applications with a new service oriented architecture, we offer the solutions you are looking for.

Glink is a terminal emulation package chosen by more than 600,000 users world wide when connecting to legacy systems from Windows, Java, Chrome workstations or Android or iOS mobile computers, tablets or smartphones.

With the Glink for Android and Glink for iOS applications we offer terminal emulation software for all mobile devices.

Gallagher & Robertson specialize in access to legacy applications. Our products include terminal emulators, network printer emulators, file transfer and gateways. However we see the need of many organizations to develop their own applications on new platforms for access to legacy applications. We meet this need by providing a range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Gallagher & Robertson have developed host access software since the founding of the company in 1982. Our speciality is delivery of 100% software solutions that run on new platforms, with no additional hardware or software components needed. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that fully utilize the platform's architecture, to give performance limited only by the speed of the system, and not by internal limitations in our solution.

The ability to send and receive files between legacy systems and Open Systems platforms is an important aspect of host access. 

Gmail, the G&R e-mail system, is a single system offering clients that run on Windows, UNIX and Linux workstations and mail transfer agents that run on Windows, UNIX and Linux servers. 

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