File transfer

The ability to send and receive files between legacy systems and Open Systems platforms is an important aspect of host access. 

Small files can be transferred between a terminal emulator and the legacy system using a wide range of industry standard protocols, and of course the Gallagher & Robertson emulations support these protocols. There is also a need for high volume file transfer, moving data efficiently and reliably between legacy systems and the Open System platforms. For all environments G&R/Glink FTP is a high-performance implementation of the protocol, with an advanced user-friendly GUI interface. For the Bull environment we offer an implementation of UFT, the native Bull file transfer utility.

Glink/FTP is a Windows FTP client offering compatibility with legacy mainframe FTP server implementations, as well as Open System servers. The user interface is a GUI that displays the local file system in one pane, and the host file system in another. The host file system is presented in Windows format, with a choice of different displays (large icons, small icons, list and details) that gives the end-user a familiar view of the host file system. Glink/FTP offers Windows features such as drag and drop, a configurable file viewer, a configurable file editor, upload and download of complete directories, file-name mapping to suit the host file system, and text/binary transfer decided by (configurable) file extension. The file transfers can be secured with a choice of SSL/TLS or SSH for encryption and authentication. The product is a strong contender as the FTP client of choice in the Windows environment for access to legacy or Open Systems hosts.

GUFT, the Gallagher & Robertson implementation of Bull's UFT (Unified File Transfer), is a complete product offering both client and server implementations. The Windows client uses a GUI, and the UNIX/Linux client a character mode full-screen display to show the options and status. The server implementation runs on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers, and accepts connections from the Bull host clients. The Bull host clients can be used interactively (EFTR from IOF, TRAN from TSS) or the transfers can be initiated by batch programs. UFT on the Bull hosts offers a wide range of functions that are aimed at integrating file transfers with batch production jobs. GUFT allows your Open System to take advantage of this infrastructure. As a special bonus, G&R GUFT includes a workstation utility that extends GUFT server functionality by allowing the Bull host client to directly access a file on the workstation; using a file-name syntax on the host that refers to the workstation file system rather than the file system on the server where GUFT is running.

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