Direct GCOS Access (DGA)

DGA, Direct GCOS Access, is a network interface available for G&R Glink that allows it to connect directly from the user workstation to the Bull mainframe without passing through a gateway or a front-end.

DGA is only available for the G&R Glink terminal emulations and APIs:

  • Glink for Windows, is certified for Windows Vista and runs on all Windows releases currently supported by Microsoft, including XP, 2008 and 2003 on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
  • Glink for Java, is a 100% pure Java implementation of Glink running on any Java platform
  • Applications using Glink API, for Windows or Java
  • GlinkWeb, running on a Windows server with .NET, or on a Java Servlet-enabled web/application server

DGA connections from Glink to the Bull hosts use native Bull DSA protocol, and bring the full power of the native protocol down to the workstation. In effect the workstation is transformed into a fully functional Bull network node having peer-to-peer communication with GCOS that is as powerful and efficient as peer-to-peer communication between two GCOS systems.

In addition to providing full DSA configurability so that Glink can connect to any GCOS7 (IOF, TDS) or GCOS8 (TSS, TP8) application, DGA utilizes its DSA network node functionality in order to:

  • Add UFT to the list of Glink file transfer protocols
  • Accept incoming print connections from GCOS7 Twriter or other print applications

Considerations such as network monitoring, load balancing, and fail-safe configuration might make a Ggate/Gproxy solution preferable to DGA, but for the absolutely most efficient direct connection from a workstation to a GCOS system then DGA cannot be beaten.

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