Glink is a terminal emulation package chosen by more than 600,000 users world wide when connecting to legacy systems from Windows, Java, Chrome workstations or Android or iOS mobile computers, tablets or smartphones.

Java workstations include Mac, UNIX and Linux. Windows workstations can also be used as Java workstations.

Glink is available as a native Windows product, a Java implementation that runs on many operating systems, an Android version that runs on a wide range of barcode scanners, mobile computers, tablets, smartphones and Chrome devices and an iOS version that runs on all Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. All versions provide the emulations you need for access to your legacy applications: IBM 3270 and 5250; Bull VIP and DKU; DEC VT100, 220, 340; ANSI 3.64; Minitel. Additionally they provide much more, both generic functionality, and functionality specific to the Windows, Java, Android and iOS environments.

Glink for Windows is certified as Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and runs on all Windows releases currently supported by Microsoft.

Glink for Android runs on Chromebooks, Chromebox and other devices with Google Chrome OS that supports Android apps from the Google Play store

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