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Glink for Android runs on Chromebooks, Chromebox and other devices with Google Chrome OS that supports Android apps from the Google Play store

Whether you have a touch-screen tablet or a device with keyboard and mouse, Glink for Android is a great terminal emulator for your Chrome OS device.

Glink for Android is an App for terminal emulation and communication with host systems. It includes terminal emulations for IBM mainframes, IBM AS400/iSeries, IBM AIX, UNIX, Linux and Bull servers. It uses standard TCP/IP protocols for communications with the host systems, and can secure all protocols with the use Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS) encryption. The VT emulation can be secured with SSH protocol. For Bull mainframes, Glink offers the extremely efficient G&R/Ggate protocol in addition to TNVIP and Telnet.

The IBM 5250 emulation, that is used to access applications running on IBM iSeries (AS/400) systems, supports Double Byte Character Sets (DBCS) like Chinese, Japanese and Korean and TN5250 Enhanced Auto Sign-On.

Glink allows you to have multiple concurrent host sessions. They can be any mix of terminal and print sessions, to the same or different hosts and applications. Glink can be configured to automatically connect at start-up. Configurable hotspots for function keys, numbers, characters and URLs, and a configurable multi-line toolbar where you put frequently used operations, recorded as macros, and function keys makes Glink a very powerful tool.

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