Glink for Java is a Java implementation of the proven Glink for Windows terminal emulation engines. Additionally it is integrated into the Java environment to make it a powerful component for your Java workstation development

Glink for Java is a terminal emulator for organizations that have chosen Java as their workstation environment. Any platform that has a compliant Java run-time environment can run Glink for Java Platforms include UNIX, Linux, Mac and Windows. By choosing Glink for Java you free yourself from being bound to a single proprietary platform such as Windows, but you can still deploy Windows workstations within your organization where needed.

Glink can be run as a freestanding Java workstation application, installed and configured on individual workstations. This is the ideal solution for situations where you need maximum flexibility and individual control over configuration and administration. These workstation installations can be configured to use a central configuration database and license server if you need better control over configuration usage, and prefer to license a number of simultaneous sessions rather than purchase a license for each workstation.

You can greatly reduce your administration of Glink workstation installations, by using Java Web Start technology to automatically install Glink on-demand, and automatically update it if necessary. Once started, Glink loaded by Web Start is identical in functionality to a local workstation installation.

Glink can also be installed on your web server as an applet, started from a browser. Once the applet is loaded it provides the same basic functionality as the Web Start or application version, but the applet is tied to the browser page that was used to start it.

Regardless of how you run Glink, the functionality is the same. In addition to high quality emulations, Glink has the tools and interfaces you need in order to increase the productivity of your Java workstation users. Glink provides you with a Java API for development of Java workstation applications that access mainframe systems to retrieve information from legacy applications.

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