Glink for Android

Glink for Android is a terminal emulator for Barcode scanners, Tablets, Smartphones, mobile devices and ChromeOS devices running the Android operating system. It includes IBM 3270/5250, UNIX/AIX/Linux VT/ANSI and Bull VIP/DKU emulation modes. The communication interfaces included are TN3270, TN5250, Telnet, SSL, SSH, TNVIP and Ggate, .

Glink 5250 for Android is used to access applications running on IBM iSeries/AS400 host systems. Glink 5250 emulates the IBM 5250 terminals and uses TN5250 protocol for communication with the host.

Glink 3270 is used to access applications running on IBM host systems. Glink 3270 emulates the IBM 3270 terminals and uses TN3270/TN3270E protocols to access the host applications.

Glink VT for Android is used to access applications running on DEC, AIX, UNIX, Linux and IBM host systems. Glink VT emulates the DEC VT420, VT320/340, VT220 and VT102 terminals. ANSI 3.64 is supported for general communications work. The telnet or SSH protocol is used for communication with the hosts.

Glink for Android includes all terminal emulation- and communication protocols supported in the other Glink for Android Apps + Bull VIP/DKU and ANSI terminal emulation and G&R/Ggate and TNVIP communication protocols. You can have any mix of concurrent sessions with different emulation and communication protocols.

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